Entertainment for a Memorable Corporate event or Conference

Especially for corporate events, you want to create something as memorable as possible to give your guests or clients and experience to take away. The main factor in this is enjoyment. 

Your event guests will enjoy the disco, singer, band and food / drink. However I have been to lots of events exactly like this and they have eventually all merged in my mind and I now can’t remember who hosted a specific event. We’ve all been there. However, I do remember an event where a fairly large guy, hidden behind a large towel held up by assistants, basically stripped naked, wrapped himself in the towel, covered himself in talcum powder and spouted water from his mouth standing on one leg! This being so obscure got my attention and has stuck with me to this day. I remember the venue, date and organisers of the event. Its quirky, fun and different and that is key.

If you’re running a conference or team building day then this still applies. In some cases the element of surprise can also be a factor. Something completely unexpected happening at an event to surprise and amaze will leave an impression.

Beatboxing can be great for that extra unusual and surprising factor to an event and will get everyone involved from performance to workshop.

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