Beatboxing Workshops

Human Beatboxing Workshops for any occasion with a professional tutor.

Lee has many years experience in teaching beatboxing workshops to all ages of all abilities. You don't need any musical knowledge to be able beatbox, just a willingness to participate. Beatboxing is a skill still rarely seen live by most people and by taking part in something a little unusual it's easy to listen, stay focused throughout the sessions, and build self-confidence. Lee's workshop has been across the world from  schools, youth clubs, cruise ships, corporate events, music festivals, promotional events, carnivals and theatres.

"Human beatboxing or vocal percussion is the art of producing drum beats, rhythms, musical instruments and entire songs using nothing but the lips tongue and voice."

Lee is one of the UK's most talented and versatile beatboxers ranging from solo performances in Theatres, weddings and on variety and Cabaret shows. Following his 10+ years of performing experience he is capable of performing to any crowd. In 2012 he entered the national talent competition 'Britain Does Variety' and made it to the finals where he came 2nd place overall just behind winners 2FAT4THAT, with Christian Lee coming a close 3rd. He has also appeared on CBBC's The Slammer and following this worked on 'CBBC Live' performing with and teaching presenters from Blue Peter and other shows.  Lee also performs with his  group The Acafellas, a 4-piece male acapella group.  He also appeared on Sky 1's 'Sing: Ultimate Acapella' show perfroming with Elle & The Pocketbelles.

Lee also has many years experience in teaching beatboxing and vocal percussion techniques in many settings. These include schools, youth clubs, charities, activity clubs, and corporate team building days. Find out more here.

A step-by-step method is used in sessions which helps to keep everyone engaged.

Beatboxing workshops can be used in ways to help the development of new vocal skills and  techniques, working within groups and musical understanding. By structuring the workshops in a certain way it can help many of the fundamentals of rhythm and music. All WITHOUT being able to play any instruments beforehand or having any musical knowledge.

Summer 2016 - First News feature activities on board for Children on P&O cruises:

What's included in a session?

A typical beatboxing workshop includes a relevant warm up and ice-breaker games if necessary. A basic description of what beatboxing is, the history and background behind where it came from, and many of the techniques and tricks involved. Everyone is given the chance to have a go using the equipment and microphones provided and we even encourage a performance in front of the group at the end of the session. With many of the activities being practical and engaging everyone involved will enjoy being a part of it. All that is required is a good space suitable for the amount of people attending.

Copies of CRB check and PL Insurance are available on request.

A beatbox workshop can also be linked in with a party, disco or event with a DJ